Future Blog Entries

I have a long list of topics to write about, many of which I’ve presented, some of which have been published.  When possible, I’ll also provide the actual paper, document or link to the talk as well.

* R&D: Research and Design Working Together
* Strategic Choices: Throwing the Design Spear or throwing the Research Spear
* Flowing revenue: Interaction Design as a short-term business lever
* Qualitative Validity
* Six Principles of Successful Online Advertising
* The Rise (and Slight Descent) Of Intrusive Online Advertising
* Visual Design Strategy
* Corporate “Science”
* Thinking Aloud: Making the most of self-reported data in a behavioral method
* Battle of the qualitative: Ethnographic Field Studies vs. Focus Groups
* “Egads, Peterme!”: Subtleties behind surveys
* Costco: Returns No More
* Social Networking: What drives growth and implosion of these strange beasts
* Getting half of the experience right: Setting customer expectations
* Corporate mal-practice: Grading on a curve
* Churn and burn: Why reorgs don’t (really) work