Strategic Consulting

Since I am gainfully employed at Capital One, I am not doing any typical consulting at the moment, but I am still doing a small level of strategic consulting, which I define simply as helping partners or clients think creatively about the problem they are trying to solve and setting up how they should best approach it.  I do occasionally teach UX Strategy and User Research Methods through the Nielsen-Norman Group, however.

User Experience Service Directory and Referrals

I am also in the process of putting together a User Experience service directory, based on having hired or worked with several of the top user experience professionals and firms over the past two decades.   This includes firms or independents that work on design, user research, market research, strategic consulting, and brand.  In the meantime, I can provide suggestions as to which firm is appropriate for a given problem, which fits in nicely with the Strategic Consulting services mentioned above.

Presentations and Publications

I am available for talks and presentations, which are usually grounded in my past work or areas of expertise and can be customized to meet the needs of your audience.  I would also be interested in hearing about opportunities to write for industry and academic publications.

Contact me: cr AT xdstrategy DOT com or on Twitter:  @christianrohrer