About the PURE Method

The PURE Method

(Pragmatic Usability Rating by Experts)

The Pure Method is a practical approach for scoring product usability.

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the pure method

Have your product or service (or your competitors) scored in terms of ease of use with a customized PURE Scorecard and Report

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PURE Scorecards

A sample of PURE scorecards of a real product over several versions, and among competitive products.

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Landscape of Research Methods

High resolution versions of the research methods landscape.

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A Simple Model of User Experience

A simple graphic and dialog that explains what user experience is and where to focus.

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PURE Insights Deck

Qualitative insights behind a PURE scorecard, including the experience design principles behind the analysis.

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Companies and Tools supporting Research Methods

The research methods landscape with the companies and tools available to conduct them.

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The Password Problem

Password Problem infographic showing how password complexity has grown over time and why.

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PURE Scoring Sheets

Spreadsheets for PURE raters to conduct the PURE method.

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The Golden Trapezoid

The 5 insight generating methods most companies need to use across product development.

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User Needs in Security

A hierarchy of needs in consumer security.

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